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We are looking for solutions that will make our city a better place! Solutions related to smart transportation, smart governance, smart agriculture, smart healthcare, smart education, smart retail, smart tourism etc. are all welcome.

After our interviews with top-notch ICT companies in Taiwan, we found that there are particular interests in the following topics:

  1. Mobile digital solutions for consumers’ everyday life provided by diverse services AR (augmented reality) or VR (virtual reality) content.
  2. Using 5G technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things related innovative solutions, such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Retail, SME Solutions etc. to develop solutions for upstream and downstream integration and business cooperation.
  3. Smart wearable applications/ devices
  4. Application of drones in transportations and communications inspection (for example: roads and bridges)


  • Participant(s) can join Mobileheroes 2020 as an individual or company/ team (up to 5 people), but only one entry can be submitted
  • It needs to be at least a working prototype to be considered

Important timeline

  • Now - 12:00, 12th June 2020: Online Registration
  • Early July 2020: Short-list announcement
  • Mid July 2020: Exclusive online meeting for short-listers to meet the judging panel for feedback and discussion on selected entries
  • July - October 2020: Exclusive resources for short-listers to advance product/ solution development
  • November 2020: Final demo/ judging day where winners will be announced

Criteria for short-list selection

  1. Innovativeness
    Does this product/ solution solve or improve an existing problem?
    Are there similar products/ solutions available in the market?
  2. Technology readiness
    Is the proposal currently achievable?
    Does the team have the relevant technology expertise and knowledge to develop this product/ solution?
  3. Business Potential
    Does this product/ solution have enough market relevance and business potential for future growth?
  4. Sustainable development
    Could this product/ solution enable sustainable development in smart cities?

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